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Loud humming/vibration in CMPSU-750TX


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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Didnt want to get an RMA number in case this is a non-issue. My CMPSU-750TX has recently begun to make a very loud humming noise. It was purchased in 9/18/08 on Newegg, so its not new and defective. It has worked without issue almost continuously since then. I noticed the problem beginning maybe two weeks ago. The humming does not just happen when under load, its continuous. I cannot tell if this is a fan issue, or whether something in the unit is broken and vibrating. At the moment, the PSU is the loudest part in my case, which is probably not a good thing.


So my question is this, does something like this fall under "normal wear and tear" under the warranty, or is this an uncommon problem? I've never had a PSU had problems before, so I'm just wondering if this is a normal occurance and that its simply time to buy a new unit. I've been eyeing out the modular HX750 unit, so if my 750TX is on its way out, I guess it's not a total loss.


Thank you in advance.

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