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Serious H80 cooling system woes...please help me!


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Ok, so this past week I purchased a Corsair H80 CPU cooling system online. After getting it installed on my i5 2500k and booting the system up on a clean OS, I immediately noticed all kinds of crazy noise coming from the case.


Alarmed, I popped off the side panel and poked around inside. Eventually I isolated the noise to the H80 pump block itself. This thing is LOUD. It occasionally sounds like a fan grinding against a piece of paper or plastic, and even more pronounced than that is a sound it makes that sounds a LOT like a Hard Drive thrashing (accessing) around at full tilt, only this is so loud I can hear it outside of my noise-dampening p182 case with everything closed. It's louder than the HDD itself, louder than the fans, and it's really, really annoying.


So I set about looking for a cause and a remedy. I poked around online all over the place and eventually arrived here. I flicked the tubing, repositioned the tubing, tilted the case this way and that, rested the case on it's side, and the noise still persisted - only it was slightly quieter when the case was on it's side - but never gone. I have left the case on it's side for an entire day and the noise persists. As soon as I turn it rightside up, the noise gets louder again. When the system boots up is when the fan grinding noise is the loudest, and it sounds just plain BAD when this happens. I can just visualize in my head the impeller of the pump wearing out in there. I dunno if that is what it is, but it can't be normal, and it can't be healthy for the system.


So, all told, while the noise is very irritating to say the least, and concerning for sure, the tipping point for me was witnessing my temps jump up and down by 10 degrees C while simply idling in Windows 7 with NO programs running on a brand spanking new, fresh-as-it-gets install of the OS.


At this point I am genuinely worried that this pump is on the verge of failure and sincerely wish to get this thing replaced. I have already reported these issues to Corsair via the helpdesk area of the site, as instructed from the little orange slip in the package - but I am sincerely concerned not only for my system's health, but also about return shipping costs, and the downtime I am about to suffer without my CPU having a heatsink.


I just built this system for the upcoming release of SW:TOR (a game I have been waiting to play for THREE YEARS!), and now the time has come and it looks like I will not only miss the game's early access and it's launch, but be sitting, waiting out this RMA process while my guild and friends play the game without me all through the holidays.


Initially, this purchase decision was a no-brainer for me. I went with Corsair because you guys have never done me wrong in the past and your products have ALWAYS been rock solid for me in the past and have always lasted the test of time, and frankly I am astonished I am having such problems with the H80 system, and almost blindsided that the Corsair product is the weak link in my brand new build.


I have fresh video of the pump noise in which you can hear it very clearly, along with photos of the system mounted, identically as it is in the official Corsair installation video.


Please help ASAP!!


UPDATE: Link to the pump noise video.

The microphone on my camera isn't the best at picking up stuff in this frequency range apparently, but you can hear the HDD sound easiest on this video, but if you listen closely you can also hear the fan rubbing/grinding noise. It's loud enough that it can be heard in the room the computer is in. Might have to turn up your volume a bit.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




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Ok, I got my RMA # and everything ready to go, but the instructions for packing the unit are very vague. Only mention of padded envelopes (I assume for RAM RMAs).


Must I send the H80 in with everything from the Retail package, including the box? Or is it ok to pack the unit securely in a smaller box full of peanuts? I have a perfectly good box here all ready to go if so, and at this point I am already $100 in on this unit, would like to save some $$$ on the shipping.


Thank you.

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I know how you feel about computer downtime, I have exactly the same problem with my H80 (discussed in another thread!)...but let's all remember that we're only playing games with our kit, it's not as if life itself is under threat here...


What I'd like as a resolution for my problem is for the issue to be identified and resolved, albeit as quickly as possible, in a way that rebuilds my confidence in Corsair's products :)


For me, I have a little more time to spend with my partner and the real world, but for Corsair, this is their corporate reputation at stake, and ultimately people's jobs. I hope us gamers who might be inconvenienced by some product problems all remember that and keep things in perspective :)

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