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H80 pump / fan question

Arizona Willie

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My computer was making a LOT of noise. High whiney noise. I disconnected a fan and that helped a little but as I stuck my head in the case with it running it was obvious the noise was coming from the H80.


I had pushed that button in the middle so that all 3 sections of the light were lit up. I pushed it again and dropped it down so only one light was lit and voila!! the noise was gone.


Nice and quiet :)


But my cpu idling temp has gone from 31 to 43 - 44C. Computer is overclocked running at 4.29 ghz.


CPU temp seems to be climbing as I type this .. now up to 45.


Will that pump increase in speed automagically when the CPU reaches a certain point? Or do I need to manually click the button in the center and turn the speed up myself?


That button in the center does control the pump, right?


I have an Intel i-7 3530K processor. What is a safe idling temp for that unit?

Where does it become too hot to run safely?

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I just tightened the block down finger tight -- did not use a screwdriver in the slots.


It is idling 43 - 45c doesn't seem to be the same every time I come in the room to use it.


Could be because of Diskeeper running to defrag drives while it's idle, but that wouldn't be much load.


Don't think I've seen it over 48C even while playing RAGE.

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