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Leak coming from new H100

Mad Gear

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I was preparing to install the H100, when I opened the new package and noticed a clear liquid inside the plastic bag that the H100 comes in. Upon further inspection, I found that the leak was seeping from one of the metal screws that holds the copper CPU plate to the unit. I can only assume it was leaking for quite a while, since the screw now has a black residue that comes off of it and appears extremely corroded.


It looks like the unit will have to be replaced, however, I bought this cooler with the intention of using the $30 rebate that was available for that purchase day only. I may be wrong, but I believe the cut-off date for mailing the rebate is Dec 16th.


What options am I left with? Can I still have a replacement unit sent and use the UPC code for the $30 rebate? About how long would it take for a replacement to arrive and if I don't receive it on time, will I forfeit my rebate if it's not sent by the 16th?

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