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Methods for removing pump noise?


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Hi all,


First off... how loud should the pump be? Mine is by far the loudest component of my system... all three 120mm fans @700 RPM are no where close to as loud as the pump.


are there any methods I don't know about removing pump noise? I have tried the following:


1. Laying it on it's side.

2. Lifting the radiator above the pump and taping the pump.

3. I have let it run for several days.

4. Combinations of the above.


When I was first building my system I just thought "Huh, the pump is louder than I thought" but when I was moving wire around I flexed the the cooling tubes and the pump noise (temporarily) went away. All that was left was a VERY quite hum from the pump.


I would like to avoid getting an RMA because it is so bloody expensive to ship stuff... I am on a pretty tight budget and was lucky to get this when Amazon was selling it for $50.


If anyone has any tips, pointers or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have a taste for how quite it can be, I am hungry for it.




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