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Questions on CML16GX3M4A 1600C9


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Hi all,


My new sets arrived, and I have two questions.



  1. How to determine the which sticks belong to which kit? Does each 16 GB kit have a unique identifier?
  2. The RAM is ver 5.12, and these are Hynix chips as per the DDR3 IC enquiry thread. Are these chips good overclockers, and what are the best stable settings you guys have managed on a Z68 platform?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Corsair Employees

The Set will have Lot codes printed on the module that will match for the corresponding set.


And all we cann suggest would be the tested settings that are on the modules so one set installed load setup defaults and enable XMP should be all you need to do. With two sets of not matched modules you may be limited to DDR1333.

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