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Bitfenix Spectre Pro - 200mm x 200mm x 25mm fits in 650D


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Hey all,


I asked earlier if the Bitfenix Spectre Pro's would fit in a 650D and RAMGUY said it would not... so I picked one up anyway and figured if the drive cage rail is in the way I'll just mod off what I needed to with a Dremel.


I didn't have to mod anything and the fans fit JUST barely. I mean, touching but not affecting the fan.


One thing I do want to note is that I used rubber screws to mount the fans and I had to cut off the excess rubber or it would get caught behind the drive rail when I pushed them back in. Oh and you do have to remove the entire drive cage, mount the fan and install the drive cages again.


Pics below;




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Do you have some initial impressions of it? This fan looks perfect for the 650D.


The older 200mm Corsair fan I had running through only the fan controller that the 650D comes with. This Spectre Pro I was able to run with an additional Noctua resistor which to my hand, seems to move just about the same amount of air at slower speeds and also with less noise.


Temps have also dropped about 4c idle on my i7 920, I think it brings in more air and sounds quieter. However, my PC has been off while I change the fan and clean it up a bit so ambient has gone down slightly.


One thing I want to note is that I tried it out at full 12v and MY GOD does this thing spin. It's easily 150CFM or more, it's like a 200mm delta or something.

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My exact thoughts also for my new build.


I was actually thinking of their 230mm model after hearing about it. I need to do more research but it looks like the 230mm model might have the 200mm mounting holes.


Haven't measured up to see if it would physically fit though.

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Looking at the above pictures i can see it fits well, however if you do it like that you have to cut the side bars off like i did, this allows 2mm between your HDD cage and fan. The reason i cut them off is the fan was making a little buzzing noise, after i cut them off it went away.


You can now get these fans in the UK as I did, go to http://www.systo.co.uk they have the full range and deliver in 3 days.


Good Luck

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