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Force 3 90 GB problem


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firware version 1.3.3




I've problem with my ssd it's brand new, but when I do heavy hdd tasks like virus scanning cleaning my computer from unnecessary it freezes.

I can't do a thing until it's done, It's so annoying I thought ssd firware bugs belonged to 2008-2010.


So I can't update firmware because it is the latest, but what to do?


Greatings Klusbert

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Run an ATTO test and see if the SSD will freeze.


Hello, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately nothing happend. So I do not know for sure what is causing this problem at all.


But I can say it happends to time to time when I do some hdd tasks.

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So why is ATTO better than other benches? maybe atto is the one to not trust.


The Force 3 SSD performs best with compressible data and ATTO uses compressible data for benchmark. Since the advertised speed was measured with ATTO, this is the one you should take to compare perfomance. CDM and AS SSD are using incompressible data, that's the reason why you will see worse results from those benchmark tools. The new Performance Pro will handle incompressible data faster.


Edit: saw your ATTO result after posting this. The performance is too low, is your SSD connected to Marvell SATA3 port? Your SSD should be connected to the very first Intel SATA3 port (SATA3_0; gray) to gain maximum speed.

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You know this thread is really good info for others to know. What the hell is it with Marvell and these Sandforce controllers?


Ignoring the Marvell chipsets poor performance, the Marvell driver is also not the greatest. Have you noticed how Windows "sees" the Marvell chipset and driver combination as a SCSI device, and is listed separately in Device Manager, and not among the SATA controllers? I found that if you change the driver to the Windows 7 msahci driver, the Marvell chipset is magically recognizes as a SATA controller.


I don't use the SSDs in this thread, and don't recommend changing from the Intel SATA controller, but you may find the Marvell chipset is more useable if used with the msahci driver.

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