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Compatibility Request: Lenovo Y460 w/CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9


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I'm on my second pair of these 8Gb SODIMMS (first pair RMA'd through NewEgg) and it appears these chips are not compatible with this system. Details are as follows:


Device: Lenovo Y460

Processor: i5-520m 2.4Ghz "Arrandale"

Chipset: HM55

Prior Ram Installed: 2x4Gb DDR3 1066 7-7-7-20 (competitor brand, sorry)

New Ram Module #1: Lot 2429946 / SN 114506380

New Ram Module #1: Lot 2368006 / SN 114403960

New Ram Module #1: Lot 2367752 / SN 114403960

New Ram Module #1: Lot 2367824 / SN 114403960

Video: Switchable IGP 3000 / AMD 5650M 1Gb

Firmware Version: 71 (27CN71WW) dated Feb 17, 2011


Is it odd that three of them share the same serial number? Hmm...


The BIOS configuration screen correctly shows 16384Mb installed, however all four chips exhibit the same problems on this platform. When installed as a pair, they fail Memtest86 4.0a at Test #1 / 15% or will fail to boot Windows with a black screen / hang. When installed singly, Memtest will randomly hex-dump or the screen will become corrupted and Windows will BSOD with the generic "Any new hardware you may have installed isn't working" message.


It's an i-series processor, and it's the proper chipset, so in theory it should work. However, since both sets failed in precisely the same way (even down to the exact same failure point of test number and completion percentage in Memtest86) this makes me reasonably confident the failure is with my machine rather than your ram.



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