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L.E.D Fans and the H80 ?


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So my H80 arrived this morning, installed fine but along with the H80 i ordered 2 x blue l.e.d silverstone air penetrator fans, switched on and the fans span up and down for quite some time, i then attached the corsair fans and they worked fine.


So why cant the H80 handle led fans as it would of looked so good :(

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Rated Current Max 0.33A (Actual) 0.09A

Rated Power Max 3.96W (Actual)1.08W




was looking at led but sticking with SD fans and getting one of theses to boost flow http://www.feser-one.com/site/product_info.php?cPath=81&products_id=309 a bit dear over using an old fan frame but there Led:cool:


if you have issues with fans go that option.:biggrin:

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