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Keeping the H100 clean


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Re-installed my build from a 600T Black to a 600T White (Thanks Corsair for replacing my faulty fan controller...with a new case!) and decided to take the opportunity to inspect the condition of the radiator surfaces. After disassembling the push/pull rad configuration, pleased to find only a very, very light coating of dust on the rad fin material due in large part to the excellent dust filtering performance of the 600T case. Easily vacuumed. Even less dust was found on the inside of the Corsair psu. Granted, it had been only 90 days since original build, but, am confident cleaning can be done once a year without lowering the efficiency of the cooler (for my conditions).


Added a strip of electrical tape to cover the small seam between the fan frames and radiator which may give a better tunnel effect for the airflow.

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