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I've a few qns.. pls do answer


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just the main PSU is required.


I'm going to RMA my 650TXV2. But the manufacturer is CHINA. This combination (TX650W PSU(CHINA)) is not present in the form of RMA submission. So I chose North America, and mentioned about it in the first sentence. Its approved then. Will it create a problem?


Should I needed to pack in the same box of corsair ?

Is there any specific method of sending the item ( I mean like courier service or general post)?

I don't need to care about the return shipping from company and its cost, right ?

Please do reply.

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  • Corsair Employees

All of our PSU's are made in Taiwan ROC or Main land china, so just select the model of PSU CMPSU-650TX the version of the PSU you send is not an issue.

And you can use any shipping method you like but I would suggest you get one that is insured. The warranty does not cover shipping damage.

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The country being in the model on the RMA form is for different parts MADE for different countries. They don't mean where they were made.


Also, it shows you're in India. Did you purchase it in India? If so I believe you'd RMA to Kaizen directly.

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Oh.. my god..!!


Thanks a lot to Wired. I purchased it from ebay. So thats the reason why I just went to corsair site and tried to register RMA. It gave me an address of Hong Kong..!!

I was about to send it to there.! But the u "Wired" man, you saved my money and time..!!!

There is a Service centre @ cochin, (just < 20km from my home) Kaizen..!!


I'm highly glad to be in this forum, and highly disappoint with corsair site. Why don't they give the address of Service centres in India, or why don't even mention about it ?

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If you live in India and purchase a Corsair product through a retailer IN India, you'd RMA it through the retailer and they'd arrange it with Kaizen.


If you live in India and purchase a Corsair item from outside of your country you can either RMA through the retailer or through Corsair. Corsair has 3 RMA depots throughout the world and Hong Kong is the closest to you.


If you purchased it from another end user then it has no warranty.


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