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CX600 v2 dies right after loading a game!


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hey, i just purchased a CX600 v2 5 days ago, then i was playing LOL at max settings with HD6790(Single Card), then it restarted itself, then after re-booting, every game i tried to open, it would restart itself right away and most of the times, it goes into a blank black screen as if the monitor or the cpu is dead. after rebooting a couple of times, i properly shut down my computer, then it won't start! i left it dead for 15-30 minutes i think, then it powered up again, then it would restart again when im going to play any game, even on Angry Birds. i've tried to figure out if it was my RAM or my GPU was the one causing the issue, yet i've tried to use OCCT PSU Test, and it did restart right after i started the test. does this confirm that i have a faulty PSU?
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