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2 kits of CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 will only run at 1333MHZ!


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Hi, this is my 1st post, i recently had a pc built for me in the UK by WIRED2FIRE, it came with 2X 2GB(4GB)installed . Well i bought 2 more to make 8GB, so i have4 X 2GB sticks they are the same part code latency etc slight differnet version numbers thats it.

Anyway i installed the other 2 and when i boot it says they are running at 133MHZ, i tried by going into the bios and changeing to 1600MHz but my pc won't boot and says something across the lines unable to OC(overclock) and i have to change back to 1333mhz.

I read in my P8P67 MOBO manual that due to CPU behaviour DDR3 2200/2000/1800 MHZ memory module will run at DDR3 2133/1866/1600 MHZ frequency as default.

So if 1800Mhz runs at 1600 MHZ is that why my 1600Mhz runs at 1333 MHZ?

Any help would be apreciated, its funny that when i ordered my pc they did state it would be 1333MHZ but when i looked at the memory so i could buy more is when i saw it said 1600MHZ on the label.

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all ram sticks must come from the same single package to be supported at listed speed. different revisions make it worse.

see the links below.

also when changing ram you must reset the bios to defaults first then enable XMP for 1600.


Hi thanks for the answer it does suprise me every module has to be from the same pack as i know people who use differnt brands mixed etc

I thought i'd do the right thing same brand,frequency even same part code!

You sy i have to reset the bios to defaults and use xmp how do i do that?

I went o bios and the memory function just has auto or a drop down list of the frequencies, also as a single pair they don;t get 1600mhz only 1333mhz on bothe pairs.



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Back again, right intake of breath.

I tested my 8gb 4x 2gb modeules using memtest86 and the in built windows 7 memory tester, both were giving me errors.

So i decided to test each module at a time starting with the pair i got with my pc (all 4 areCMX4GX3M2A1600C9), the only difference is the revisions, the pair installed are ver2.3, well both gave me errors, the 1st one gave over 30 by 25% test!

Then i tried the 2nd and no errors until i got to just over 30%.

So i done the same with the pair i just got ver8.16 and they are fine both tested 100% no errors as single and as a pair and in the windows 7 memory test.

So both the older versions are faulty got this pc built around end of June begining of July this year, now i have been running with these pair since then, i just upgraded to 8gb because it was cheap!

My point is is there a window of errors you can have on memory without performance issues?

I mean if i put the ones with errors back in with the good ones will it have any performance issues? i was running them together fine, i ran prime95 for 6 hours no problem, or should i leave them out?



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Please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace them, but if you did not load setup defaults and set the tested settings manually that is printed on the label they may not be failing. In addition, officially we do not suggest or support mixing sets like this so it will be hit and miss getting two set to work together.
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