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Just ordered the H80


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I'm thinking of replacing with a couple of ******** fans I have here.


As you say, on low it is fine but on 2 it gets really noisy and on 3 you want to shoot it.


Very very bad fans.


I'd rather pay $5 or $10 more and have something made with quality than with such cruddy parts we have to go looking for replacements.


It seems to be doing a good cooling job when on high but you can't stand the noise from the fans.

On low it gets a bit warm but usable.

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Boy Corsair is really insecure when they are afraid to have the name of another company even mentioned.

Actually , the filters were put in place years ago before some other manufacturers had their own forums. People would come here to discuss or troubleshoot non Corsair products. So they had to do something. It's not a "fear " thing

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