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Ver2.12 Vs Ver8.16


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Hi. I went shopping for some Corsair ram today.


The shop showed me 2 sets of Vengeance ram. One was CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R ver2.12 and another was CNZ8GX3M2A1600C9B ver8.16. Apart from the version # and different colours everything else was identical. Naturally, I bought the one with the higher version #.


Is there a difference between ver2.12 and ver8.16? Did I make the right choice? Thanks.




After making the above post I did some checking. Ver 2.12 = Elpida IC and Ver 8.16 = Nanya IC. It seems Elpida appears to be the favoured IC. Should I go back to the shop and exchange my Ver 8.16 for the Ver 2.12? Or, it doesn't really matter?

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Thanks peanutz. I was thinking that Elpida might be of better quality and so will OC better. But then I'm just an OC noob so it doesn't really matter. I think I will be keeping my ver8.16 and save myself the trouble of going down to the shop tomorrow.
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