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CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT bricked


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So my few months old Corsair SSD has bricked. No longer recognized by the BIOS. I have tried different SATA ports, different mother board, different SATA cables- nothing.

Here's my question- there is an OBVIOUS problem, just go look at newegg reviews- it's rampant.

Why am I going to have to pay for shipping to Corsair to get this RMAed? It shouldn't cost me because I chose to buy your product and it failed.

P.S.- I loved Corsair, I have the 600t (black with additional side panels), H60 cooler, XMS ramm, PSU, headset, SSD, planned on getting the keyboard and mouse- but honestly now I don't want to. HUGE Corsair fan and I feel like I'm getting punished for it.

Corsair should be shipping me a prepaid shipping label and apologizing for the data loss- not forcing me to pay for them to replace their clearly faulty drives.

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