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H80 - High frequency noise from pump


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Hi, I have had my H80 for around 2 months now.. From day one I have had a high frequency noise coming from my case.. I put this down to my HX850 as it also made a similar noise when out of the case so swapped for a HX1050... Same issue.. Replaced with a AX1200.. Noise was then much better but still had a very high frequency noise (same noise you get from them annoying mart phone apps) and can be heard over the fans and from anywhere in the room. Today I decided to removed my 2 gtx580's to try and pinpoint where this sound was coming from.. I decided the noise was coming from the pump/cpu area. Turns out if I disconnect the pumps molex the sound instantley stops. Reconnect and it appears again. Is this noise common!? Or do I just has dog/bat like hearing!? :laughing: Also the indicator to show the set fan speed on the pump for some reason always droops down.. Seems like its being held in place in one corner so drops down by a mm or so until it cant pass over the button anymore..


Hope that all made sense guys! :)

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