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Performance Pro 128GB Problems.


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Hey guys just installed this drive as an OS drive also put BF3 on it. I went ahead and enabled TRIM, Disabled Indexing and Disabled Superfetch on my machine I also had 7 delete the hibernation file. Also turned sleep off in power settings.


I am having a problem when I leave the computer alone. I left it to download some files last night and came back and the screen was off and computer refused to wake up. When I came back from lunch today the screen was frozen on the desktop and I could move the mouse but not click on anything? Couldnt get into task manager etc? I noticed that the HDD light was stuck solid on my machine aswell.


Any recommendations?


Computer has been rock solid up until I installed this SSD last night.

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Hey Hawk, are you still having issues with this drive? I am planning on getting one but I don't want to live the same nightmare as with the Sandforce drives...


Would you recommend it?


+1, I'd also like to know if you've figured out your issues, Hawk.

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