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650D fan controller finally died


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I have a 650D with a Corsair H100 setup which I was running the Coolermaster R4 fans (4 of them in a p/p config) off the 650D fan controller since the H100 would not play nice with these fans.


A while back I started smelling an electronic burning smell coming from the case and tracked it down to the fan controller, I then put in another fan controller which died in a week due to the load sicne it was only meant for one fan. I put the fans back on the 650D controller again a month ago, and woke up the other morning to see the fans were not spinning at all on my H100. Suprisingly my temps were pretty good lmao so I have to give corsair props for the quality cooler (this is on a i7-2600k @ 4.8GHz).


Anyway I was curious to see if anyone else had thiers die? I was running the fans at medium as it didnt sound much louder between low and medium due to the Crossfire 6970s stock coolers.


Corsair: if you happen to read this do you offer a replacement kit for me to swap out?


Just wondering if I am better off getting a dedicated fan controller since the load is too much for most smaller controllers (even though the corsair 650D fan controller had 4 leads I guess the R4s pull too much current)

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