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HX750 & HX850 Problem(s)


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I recently lost a HX750w to a power outage that I originally purchased from aria.co.uk April 2010 (waiting to hear from their support regarding options). I bought a HX850 as a replacement from ebuyer.com. The dead PSU isn't my major concern - it appears to have taken one for the team, no other components appear damaged after testing.


The problem is that the old power supply (HX750) didn't exhibit a "coil whine" in the CPU area with my current board (GA-P55A-UD3R) while it did with my first board (P7P55D-E PRO).


The new power supply (HX850) has caused a very similar "CPU whine" to the GA-P55A-UD3R board.


I've tried disabling C-STATE, idle and power saving functions, putting a fixed vcore and generally trying to ignore the noise. BIOS and software-side, nothing appears to fix this. My current focus is trying to narrow-down which component is making the noise. It's either one of the coils or capacitors around the socket area. Hot glue may be the only fix I can do now.


I previously went through two P7P55D-E PRO boards that had this annoyance. In the end, I chalked it up to a hardware issue with the boards; questionable components, not enough adhesive to stop the resonance or bad implementation (Intel...) of power-saving through the VRMs. I'm going to contact Gigabyte and see if there's a "hardware fix" (which the GA-X58A-UD3R apparently has). By the looks of things, Sandy Bridge boards have a very similar issue.


I'm mainly posting to see if there is anything other than a weird combination of parts (CPU/GPU/PSU) that causes this problem.


Any advice?



Just to add a little more detail on the noise (didn't really describe it, but it's very similar to my previous issue):


It's a whistling/ringing noise that happens at idle or when the computer isn't heavy stressed which is coming from around the socket area.

The power supply and graphics card are not emitting this specific noise (although may be contributing). I'm familiar with different noises they can exhibit; the 5850 has had "cap whine" on high fps - mostly intros (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) - but this is rare and the PSU does give a weird electrical noise from mouse movement when the computer boots but goes away after a while. The motherboard/CPU high pitched noise is in a different league.


The difference between the power supplies is that this HX850 has two additional non-modular PCI-E cables along with the ATX power cables while my HX750 only had the 24 and 4/4 (8)-pin motherboard connections. I had to use a modular cable for the graphics card.

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