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Win7 Fails install


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Hello Everyone, looking for some help here.


I'm attempting to install Win7 on a Force S GT 120G. However after windows installs and the computer reboots. I get a error message that says windows failed to install and I need to check the Compatibility list.


Below is the following that I've tried,


I ruled out a faulty install disk, as I have tried more than one win7 install.


Updated to the latest firmware.


I've tried booting to the install, install from another OS. All come to the same message that Win7 failed to install after the reboot.


To rule out any actual compatibility issues, I running this on a Asus RoG G74s laptop.


Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

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Hi, try this:

1. Make sure you dont have any device connected to your laptop.

2. Do a Secure eraser to your SSD. like this-> http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=473535#post473535

3. Install your Windows again and make sure you choose full/compleat install and not upgarde/recorvery install.


and do not take out your install disc before you are in your desktop screen and useing your system. so some reboots maybe, before that with your install disc in your system.


Sry my English and good luck.

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