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Xms Pro pc-4000 compatible w/ A64???


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Hi i jus purchased the xms pro pc-4000 timings: 3-4-4-8 w/ LED's on side. RAM GUY I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I stuck it in dimm 1 and in my dimm 2 slot theres a 512 of value select and its ram timings are 2.5-3-3-6. Obviously the lower timing (3-4-4-8) overode the value selects timings. Anyways, i boot the my comp up and the LED's show for like 2 seconds then after that they're gone. Even wen i play like farcry n all dat good stuff, theres no LED activity what so ever. My mobo is a shuttle AN50R. Could it be the manfacture? Also the instructions say "leave the computer power card plugged in". Do i turn off my psu or what? PLEASE HELP RAM GUYS HELP!!! -bastos
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