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AX750 Problem


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Well the title says it all.


I've had this unit less than a year, and it appears to have crapped out on me, or at least part of it has.


With everything connected correctly and powered up, all I get is the mb onboard power button illuminated, so voltage is getting through somewhere.


When i try to switch the PC on, all that happens is I hear a small 'click' from the PSU. It sounds a little like a relay switch operating, but i would assume there are none of these inside. Nothing happens when i do this; no power anywhere else, fans and disk drives do not spin up; the phase LED's on the mainboard do not illuminate like they did when it was working (just a few days ago).


I get the same behaviour with another motherboard too, so Im fairly certain the PSU is at fault.


This PSU has been powering this system quite happily since the day I received it and there have been no hardware changes so I know it is perfectly capable of doing the job when it is working.


Any recommendations to follow please ?


I dont particularly wish to try the 'quick and dirty test'. I know there is power getting through part of it anyway. Its almost like one of the rails has dropped out or something.


PS. Should i be requesting an RMA on here for it or going back to the original supplier since it is less than 12 months old ?

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