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H60 Temp Problem


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I just got my H60 installed in my Case today, on my 2600K CPU. But the problem is that some of the cores run hotter than the rest.


Core 0 and 1 is running at around 30, at 5 Ghz


but core 2 and 3 is closer to 40 degress.


Is this because the H60 is mounted wrong ? I've tried to take it off alot of times, and it is still the same results. And i remember to clean the Surface and both CPU and heatsink, then i apply Artic Silver 5, just a very thin vertical Line. After that i take the H60 and i steer it down onto the screws and then i press with my left thump in the middle of the Heatsink, while i screw the 4 thumps screws over cross, just a little at a time.


But im still getting some wierd temps.


Im running Push/Pull, and my room temp is about 24 degress and i have no cables mess.


What can be the cause of this ?

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The difference on the cores it still that much running prime.


Let me take a picture when i have removed the heatsink, so you can see the thermal print on the CPU and heatsink.


Maybe that would help to see if it had good contact.

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I took 2 pictures. 1 of the heatsink and one of the CPU.


When i applied the thermal past i putted a thin vertical line on the CPU.


Did i put too much or too little, i think the print from the thermal paste looks wierd.



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I spread a very thin layer of AS5 using a razor blade. It takes a few minutes and you have to be very careful that you don't angle the blade too high and dig into the cpu heatspreader. If done properly you will get an even, thin layer of paste. Your pictures show that the entire heat spreader is not getting paste and some sides are thicker and some thinner.


People will argue over how to apply thermal paste forever. I believe spreading a very thin layer evenly is the best way by far. I have done this with everything; GPU, Northbridge, CPU, etc. Whenever I remove a heatsink you can tell the paste was perfectly spread equally. I reapply paste on just about every piece of hardware I buy and I have always gotten lower temps.


If putting a drop of paste in the middle was the best solution then why do manufacturers, like Corsair, apply a very thin evenly spread layer of paste on their heatsinks???

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IMO, the imprint of the TIM looked a little off at the edges, but the cores of your CPU are located near the center of the CPU, not near the edges. You may not be getting even pressure on the CPU for some reason. Are their parts like capacitors, etc, close to the CPU socket that the pump may be touching, and keeping it from pressing evenly on the CPU? That does happen with a few boards.


My 2600k does not have a wide variation in core temps. Have you tried a different monitoring program to check the temps? The difference could also be caused by your high OC, what is your Vcore at 5GHz?


IMO, core temps are not important, since any thermal throttling of an Intel CPU is triggered by the overall, single CPU temperature, the Core temps are not used for anything.

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