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The Bios does not recognize me at the Port SSD SATA 6Gb/s


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Hello to all partners and moderators of this forum.

My way of expressing regret, I am Spanish and I do not speak good English, I am using a translator.

Hi all, comrades.

I have a Corsair SSD 120Gb GT Force, that if I plug in the Port SATA6Gb / s, the BIOS does not recognize me, recognizes me if I plug in the SATA2, as I have now.

I have the updated BIOS, I tried to put the SATA AHCI and IDE, but nothing.

I've also tried to Update Driver before installing W7, but neither appears SSD.

I've made a Clear CMOS and loading Load Default and I have not managed to see the drive.

I updated the firmware and do not see the SSD in the BIOS.

I know the mistake I committed myself, because when I connected for the first time if it finds it, and I remember I got into Drive Xpert BIOS Setup Utility, and touching what does not devi.

Please, if anyone knows how I can fix, I appreciate it, far so good (284Mb / s read and 269Mb / s of Atto Disk Benchmark Writing as), but I would make the most of this SSD connected to the Puero SATA6Gb / s.

As a matter I will say that I have a Rampage III Extreme, i7 960 and 1600MHz 3x4Gb Corsair Vengeance, if you need more information, please ask them.

Thank you very much and best regards.

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