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600t Window panel noises...


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I don't know if anyone else is having this issue (I did a search on the forums and didn't see any threads about it) but I ordered the window panel from the Corsair store. Once I put the panel on the case, I started hearing creaking noises like as if someone was walking on some wooden stairs. The noise has gone away since I put the old windowless panel back on the case.


I believe this is due to the way the window is attached to the panel (with no kind of grommet or something to stop the window from shifting) and is thus moving if ever so slightly from the changes in temperature. I noticed an increase in noise level once I was playing a game and the fans were turned up.


My question is has anyone been able to find a remedy for this? Or does anyone from Corsair have any solutions?


Thank You!

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Here is the "inside" (the side that is inside the case).



Close up of the screws...




And the side that is outside the case... Although it looks like it fits into a rubber molding.. it is actually just plastic.. Isn't that what yours uses?




The panel makes the noises just from handling it...

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I had a lot of problems with the 600T. H100 barely fit in it. Two of the connectors on the fan controller fell off (wires snapped under the rubber shrink wrap) and it makes a lovely buzzing sound if more than one fan is plugged in. Front fan made a terrible racket. And the plexi window creaked like crazy.


I have made due with most of them. Got a new fan controller. Added rubber rings between the case and front fan. And "fixed" the creaky window.


That creaking sound seems to happen when the air pressure in the case is either too high or too low. I found that the screws holding it in place were too tight. I unscrewed them a bit and the creakiness stopped (slightly bend the side door to see if it helped). If you have spare rubber washers, you could try to put some between the plexi and the case.The tape could also be an option.


In the end I put the mesh panel back to help intel's cooler do it's job since my H100 is pretty much dead.

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I also have a 600T with a windowed panel and I had the same cracking noises. I don´t know if the cause is the temperature increase or pressure.


Either way, I solved the problem by turning each screw from the window panel half turn off (thanks Ilikebacon for the tip). :biggrin:


Note that the windowed panel "cracks" just from handling it, and turning off the screws half turn solves it.


In my opinion this is a design fault. The rubber at frame opening should be also on the inside, between the chassis panel and the acrylic.


I also have the H100i. Fits perfectly, but the fans must be on top of the chassis. Shame that the logo leds burned after a few weeks... :sigh!:


So, I hope it can helps other 600T owners too. :winking:



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