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Hi, I purchased a Hydro H80 CPU cooler from tigerdirect a week ago and I got it installed and everything seemed to be going great the first day but yesterday morning it started making this pulsating noise with the fan, it whirls up and down up and down endlessly.


I followed some responses on google search with resetting the firmware. I tried to hold the button down for 3 seconds and it does it's light dance, and then stops with 2 lights flashing.


The first time I did that my pc displayed a message saying that a fan failure was detected and my CPU was shutting down to avoid damage.


When I rebooted my PC it said there was a problem with the CPU fan and to service the computer or press F2 to bypass. The fans were spinning and the header was connected to the motherboard so I pressed F2 and windows booted up.


I ran Core temp and it's showing 26c, 27c, 23c, 23c on the cores. Max being 30c, 32c, 25c, 25c and loads are 5-14%.


I went ahead and powered down and rechecked all my connections. My CPU fan header is 4 pin but the hydro has a 3 pin connector but there's a slot that tells me which 3 of the 4 pins it fits on.


After reconnecting everything, I did another firmware reset and the fan message disappeared but the fans pulsating are driving me nuts. The first day I got it it was quiet, even running prime95 it never went past 45c and the fans just whirred ever so slightly.


Is there anything I can do to fix this? Honestly, I don't care if they are always loud or always soft but the up and down is driving me nuts. I'd prefer soft over loud but the profiles aren't doing anything.



Oh if it is of help, I am not overclocking and my cpu bios sucks it doesn't let me make any advanced changes. Just enable and disable basic hardware peripherals etc.



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The computer just black screened saying a cpu fan error has occurred and your pc will shut now shutdown to prevent possible damage to your CPU.


On reboot it said a cpu fan error has been detected, please service this pc immediately to avoid potentially damaging the CPU. Press (F2) to continue.


Corsair sent me rma instructions so I'm guessing all is well on its way to resolution. The batch number was close to what was shown as being a problem. I had 113359402 and on here an other sites I saw 113359403 being a problem. This is going off memory as I am at work now. It was ending in 403 I had 402.

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