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Rebate submission final check before sending


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Seasons Greetings!


I read the rules and couldn't find anything saying I couldn't ask this here and I'm not trying to make any trouble so I appologize if this bothers anyone.


I'm about to send off my rebate form, etc but I wanted the experience of others to help me avoid any interpretation errors.


The instructions say to include the store receipt. In past MIRs I've completed, they specified 'a copy of the receipt'. There is no mention or specifics about whether a copy is allowed or disallowed. So by 'store receipt' should I take it literally and send the original store receipt? If so, why have they made this change? I would really like to keep the original rather than a copy.


They also say to include the 'original UPC'. Nothing more nothing less. I recall other MIRs would say cut out just the UPC. So should I send the entire cardboard inlay that came in the RAM package or just cut it out. I know I'm being real nit picky but I see so many people that had their MIRs denied for unknown reasons. And by UPC, do I include the entire rectangled part with a sticker that has two bar codes or is the UPC just one of the bar codes? I saw someone ask a similar question with a picture and the reply was 'bottom left'. But it wasn't clear to me if 'bottom left' meant only the bottom left bar code or the entire bottom left section.




PS. I appologize for the next question because I forgot to do a search before writing this post. The package I bought today came in a plastic blister package that isn't tamper proof. There is no sticker seal or anything preventing someone from opening it without effort. The pins were also scored. I went back to the store to complain that this seemed like a returned item but they told me that's how all of them are. I have another package of ram here, while not tamper proof either, the pins are pristine. Does this mean Corsair is just more dedicated to doing QC on all/more items?

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  • Corsair Employees

The Instructions should be clear for the rebate; include a copy of the invoice or in some cases they will take the Packing slip and the BAR code UPC that is on the Box or package. We do not process these request as mentioned on the F.A.Q. so if you have questions about what to send or want to try and change the rules to suite you then please contact the Rebate processing center to be sure what ever you are trying to do is supported.

We test all of the components on a MB or system before they leave the factory so its not uncommon to see marks on the connector of a new item from us.


Please look at the rebate form you filled out for the contact information of the processing company. If they will not or cannot help you then please contact our customer service.

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