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Force 3 SSD and Lenovo W520 BSOD stop: 0x000000F4


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I have reviewed the Sticky posts on the Forum and I still seem to have a problem.


I recently bought a Corsair Force 3 120 to put into my Lenovo W520 and I keep getting BSOD stop: 0x000000F4. I checked an my SN starts with 1145 so I do not think it is part of the "recall"


I have done the following

1) Updated my UEFI BIOS to latest (1.34)

2) Updated SSD BIOS to latest 1.3.3

3) Secure Erased the Drive

4) Reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit Professional

5) Updated the

Power Management Driver - Lenovo


Any help would be appreciated.




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