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New SSD user needs help


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Hi, I'm a new to using SSDs, I just bought a Corsair Force GT 120gb SSD and It is currently the only drive in my system. I have it hooked up to Sata 3 and It is running in AHCI under bios.


On the box the advertised speeds are 555mb/s Read and 515mb/s Write

I downloaded CrystalDiskMark to test if the speeds were working and I got this as my results, I was trying to figure out what I can do to fix the speeds on the Drive. The read is a little lower than it should be and the write is just no where near where it should be hitting.



CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 x64 © 2007-2010 hiyohiyo

Crystal Dew World : http://crystalmark.info/


* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [sATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

Sequential Read : 471.694 MB/s

Sequential Write : 171.308 MB/s

Random Read 512KB : 424.037 MB/s

Random Write 512KB : 172.440 MB/s

Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 31.488 MB/s [ 7687.4 IOPS]

Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 95.869 MB/s [ 23405.5 IOPS]

Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 111.757 MB/s [ 27284.5 IOPS]

Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 168.878 MB/s [ 41230.1 IOPS]


Test : 1000 MB [C: 25.7% (28.7/111.7 GB)] (x5)

Date : 2011/12/04 15:41:41

OS : Windows 7 SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64


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The advertised speeds are taken from a P67. However, you should test with ATTO, as ATTO is much more accurate for sequential tests (it tests the speed across different file sizes) and gives you an accurate indication of how the drive is performing sequentially at least.
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