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CSSD-F120GB2 - all the data has vanished


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I've been using SandForce Driven SSD (CSSD-F120GB2) for around a year and recently something unexpected has happened. One day all the data from my ssd drive has vanished.

The drive was recognized by the system as a drive with no partitions on it. I've made raw copy of entire drive (for a recovery) and created new partition. Then I copied 64GB of random data on it and made a couple of tests. What I have found is that it has no problems in retaining the data and now it seems that everything is fine with it. What I think is also important is that all the SMART data has been reset as well. Furthermore a raw copy of the drive contains zeroes only, which is an unpleasent surprise.


I've been using Debian wheezy operating system with my Asus K52F notebook.

SMART data identyfying the drive and fw version:

Device Model: Corsair CSSD-F120GB2

Serial Number: 11046500320003430043

LU WWN Device Id: 5 000000 000000043

Firmware Version: 2.0


Summary of the problem:

- all the data on the drive has been zeroed, including SMART data,

- the drive appears to be fine now (I've made several data retention tests with 64GB of random data).


Is it a known issue? Are there any fixes? Fortunately I had copies of most of my data, but I also use a second drive of this type, and I would hate to see similar thing happening to it.


Best regards,


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