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Questions about fan controller/aftermarket fans


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So I have had my h100 for months now and am happy, I came to the forums to get info on buying 2 more aftermarket fans and a question about the fan controller.


#1: I saw the sticky thread about defective units with a certain code number on the box, I threw my box out, is there any other way to find out? I decided to try pushing the button on the pump head to listen to the fans change speed like suggested in the sticky thread. With my computer idling at about 37F I tried all 3 settings but never heard a difference, so I figured with the temperature so low they are probably running at the lowest speed so why would I hear a change. So then I ran Prime95 and changed the speed settings and DID hear the fans correctly change speeds, so I am assuming my unit is working correctly?


#2: My case does not have enough room for push pull which is ok because my case has a 230mm exhaust fan built in the top, I'm sure its not as good as a normal 4x120mm push/pull config but its better then nothing. My question is I am looking to buy 2 aftermarket fans to replace the stock case 120mm top rear exhaust fan and add the other fan to the bottom of my case pulling air in sending it towards the gpu/cpu/exhaust fans. Now I was wondering about hooking up the 2 aftermarket fans, I'm planning on hooking them up to the pump controller so when my computer is running hot the two stock Corsair push fans AND the 2 aftermarket fans all appropriately adjust. There max is 2k rpm and if I hook them up to a 4 pin connector they would just run at 2k 24/7 correct? Also just to cover all the bases I'm assuming if there was no problem hooking up all 4 fans to the controller that the 2k ones would peak at 2k and the corsair ones would still be able to hit 2.5k, not be limited by the slower aftermarket ones?


I have seen a lot of other posts of people that turned there upper rear exhaust fan into a intake fan instead and am wondering if when I replace it I should do the same.




So ideally what I want is a bottom 120mm fan, 120mm upper rear fan, 2 140mm fans in front, 1 230mm fan in the side window ALL AS INTAKE.


The 2 stock 120mm corsair hydro fans pushing threw the radiator with the top 230mm fan as a exhaust so it's push/pull, was also wondering if maybe with so much air coming in I should leave the upper rear 120mm fan as a exhaust? My case is like a mesh all in the front/top and has a lot of small square cut outs in the back so I feel like the air gets out of the case pretty easily and it would be better used as a intake rather then exhaust.


Doubt it matters but just in case it does I would need to buy 2 1-2 foot 3 pin fan extension coords to hide the cables and reach the pump head.


Here's the fans I'm looking at and my case as well.





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DeGecko, The fans you linked to could be a good match to the H100's controller, although the specs on them are few, as is normal for fans. Assuming we can trust the specs, the max current draw is close to the Corsair fans, and the max speed is fairly close. Similar current draw specs means they should run at fairly close speeds. An important spec never shown is the start up voltage, which can vary from 3V to 9V depending on the fan. If the start up voltage is high, the Corsair fan will run at low temps and on the Quiet setting, and the other fan won't. I have one of the fans you linked to, and will try it later today on a fan controller and see if it starts at a low voltage.


Some users have reported that some after market fans act strangely with the controller, starting and stopping. The H100's fan controller software is designed for Corsair fans, so that response is not surprising.

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problem is try and find a aftermarket fan that beats the 7.7 static pressure thats max though Silverstone fans do not even come close, i have swapped fans out but not to the controller, i am back to the standard fans now they work well.
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