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Corsair 500r and AX850 problem...


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What an exercise in frustration.


I got this case yesterday and I'm just about ready to return it. I have a AX850 PSU. I am trying to run my 8 pin connector through the case to the 8 pin power socket on my motherboard. The only way to get there is through a small opening in the upper left hand corner of the case (that's where the 8 pin power input is on my mobo).


Run the cable through there. The 8 pin connector from the PSU is broken up into two 4 pin connectors. Well one 4 pin connector will go into the socket on the mobo, but the other won't. It's like one of the connectors is longer than the other. In fact it is as I am looking at it now. So now I can't plug both connectors into the power socket on my mobo at the same time. Doesn't help that the wiring of the cable makes it very very hard to orientate in the correct position.


Has anybody else had an issue with this in the 500r? I have been messing with this off and on all day and eventually have given up due to irritation.

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