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Help on new system with 240 GT arriving


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Nex week i should receive a new sistem based on ASUS p8z68 Deluxe Gen 3 mobo and I ordered as OS drive a Corsair 240 GT.


It seems many are experiencing issues so I'd like some newbish info before I put my hands on it:


1) Shall I plug it in the Intel SATA 6G (grey) or Intel SATA 3G(light blue) conntroller? or in to Marvell SATA 6G (dark blu)


2) Since I've seen new driver 1.3.3 have been released is it correct to install the OS and then proceed with the update tool? Can i run the update from Windows installed on the Corsair itself ? i know it is not possible with the OCZ vertex.


3) Other than enabling AHCI is there any specific setting i need to change in the bios in order for this SSD to work properly?


4) My storage will be a WD 2tb Caviar Black SATA 6, should I plug it in the secondary INTEl SATA 6?


Thank you, I would like to be prepared before pieces come

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1. Plug it in the very first Intel SATA 6G port (gray), this will give you moste performance and best compatibility.


2. Yes, you can run the Update Tool from Windows installed on the Force GT. If you have access to a second computer, you may want to plug it in there as secondary drive and check/upgrade the firmware if necessary.


3. AFAIK no.


4. It is recommended to leave second Intel SATA 6G port blank, using this port can sometimes cause issues. You can connect your WD drive to any Intel SATA 3G port as this disk will barely excess SATA1 speed (150 MB/s).

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Eru I have the exact same SSD and asked the same questions. Like Madnisman said it would be best if you can install SSD on to second PC to update to 1.3.3. Madnisman told to do the same thing, which I did do. By updating firmware first I think it makes it easier down the road. Plus if you install the OS first then update firmware could be conflicts then you will have to secure erase SSD and then reinstall SSD. There are tons of documents in the forum which I copied for reference. I also plugged SSD into gray ports. I will never use the dark blue ports (Marvell) since been reading to many horror storys. I am glad I read this post cause never knew that the second gray port could cause issues cause I planned to use it when I get another Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500GB 7200 RPM 6GB.
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thank you for fast and helpful reply, so it would be better tu update a new SSD as a second drive without installing the OS on it so that a clean format would not ne necessary after the update


Maybe I should explain it in detail: you can run the upgrade from Windows off of the SSD and it will work, in most cases without issues. But there is a small chance, that some issues will remain after firmware upgrade. In this case, you will need to SecureErase an perform a clean Win 7 installation. So I would recommend to SecureErase in either case, just to make sure you won't run into problems later - which will require a SecureErase and a new Windows installation. To make long story short, just do the following:


- Connect the SSD as secondary drive

- Check/upgrade the firmware

- Perform SecureErase with PartedMagic

- Connect SSD as first drive, disconnect all other drives except DVD (especially HDDs that contain "old" Windows installation)

- Install Windows

- Reconnect all other drives

- Enjoy!


I hope this will make it more clear :sunglasse

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