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power outage - tv/computer/etc wont turn on


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victim of a 3 day power outage here, but when power returned a few things would not turn on: in my room connected to 2 different power strips were a panasonic plasma TV, a computer, a small portable heater, a small lamp, and etc all stopped working (will not turn on). other things did work though, and i checked the outlets on the strips -- all working according to my cell phone charger. also, computer in another room not working.


however, 2 tvs in 2 other rooms are both operating fine. just seems to be the ones in my room. now i thought one reason might be that the current is too weak to power everything now but that doesn't seem logical (things won't turn on at all). i took my little heater to other outlets in the house and it wont work -- the little led light is on when plugged in, but turning on the heat = no effect.


i also had small touchpad charger w/usb cable connected during the outage/power return, and that does not work.


my new theory is that sometime during the outage/return of power a lot of components in the electronic devices were ruined. are fuses still used in modern electronics? PSU = busted for computer? (corsair psu, warrantied? :))


if you have any experience with this or knowledge, please let me know. also, what can i do to fix or replace my items?


i5 2500k, hope its not blown, warranty for intel?

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Sorry to hear about your losses, that is a shame. Will homeowners insurance help at all with this?


Forgive me for this one, but some outlet strips have a separate reset button on the side. It sounds like you know what you're doing, so never mind. Oh another one for you, did you check all your circuit breakers for every room? It's worth turning them off and on again just for sanity's sake. But, look for a reset switch on that heater, it may have one. Or, leave in unplugged overnight, and try it again.


Also, the part(s) in outlet strips, if present, that protect from surges are called MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors.) They give their lives to protect the equipment connected to the strip. Normally no way to tell if they are shot, they also can be degraded to varying degrees, but still function. If they are shot from absorbing many small or one big surge, the next surge will just pass through to whatever is connected to the strip. They cannot be replaced unless you can solder and know where to get the correct parts. You may find that the things that were damaged were on strips that did not have surge protection, or the strips were old and no longer protecting things. Just what you need now, more expense, but you might want to get some new ones.


Yes, electronic devices still use fuses, not 100% of them but many do. But for some reason many of them are not available in sockets for the owner to change. PC power supplies I've seen inside can have fuses soldered in place. The same for TVs, stereos, etc. I assume the idea is if the fuse blows, the failure is major and the fuse just stops the unit from smoking or burning. Or it forces the owner to get service, that a safety feature to protect us from ourselves. All the tiny chips in electronic products are not very robust, and a little over voltage and they are history.


Higher quality PC power supplies will have at least one MOV on the AC line. If the PC was off, and a surge hit the PS, nothing else should be damaged. The PS may be damaged. If it was on during a surge, then PC damage can depend on the quality of the protection circuits of the PS. That does not just mean who made it, but if it was a more expensive model, it would have more safety features. Not sure about the PS warranty, you'll likely get an answer next week on that. Good luck!

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