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Whine from TX950w


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My TX950w emits a very loud, unbearable, soul destroying high-pitched whine. I thought I should post before requesting an RMA.


I have noticed that the whine does not begin till Windows is fully booted, and that it also subsides under heavy load (e.g. playing a game, virus scan). I've tried disabling C1E and EIST and I've tried removing the PSU from the system to rule out weird vibrations.


Just wondering if there is anything else I should attempt before throwing it out the window. ::pirate::


Much thanks. :)

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A belated thank you for your response. I went through the RMA process and despite Corsair initially losing me in their system everything was swift and professional.


Few weeks later, put the new unit in, still a high pitched whine that dissipates under load.


The new unit is much more quiet. The former blood-curdling whine is now just a constant vexation. My question: is this normal for this unit? I've been around computers all my life, built a couple, work in a computer environment every day, and never had such a problem.


I'm now in the situation where I have to decide between RMA'ing which would be another $20 shipping, disassembling and reassembling my system which I'll be without for another couple weeks, or to simply tolerate the sound for years to come (hard pill to swallow for a $150 unit).


I might opt for another RMA but I'm getting the suspicion that there is something fundamentally wrong with the design of the unit and would rather not go through the fairly immense hassle of a second RMA if it will achieve nothing.

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