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Corsair Force 3 Update and AHCI prob


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Hi, I have installed win7 in IDE mode


I have fixed the registry to allow AHCI drivers to load




Changed in the bios under tab "Storage Device Configuration"

-to AHCI


Changed the Marvell Controlled setting from IDE to AHCI


boot up again finish installing drivers for AHCI


reboot, boot again, everything seems fine and I can normally load into windows7


than when I go back in the bios Marvell is set to AHCI and the drive seems to be in AHCI under Storage device configuration


but when I look in the tab "Boot"


under boot device priority I have my Corsair SSD force 3 listed as primary boot device but if I closely look at the value it says : IDE:Corsair


With the AS SSD Benchmark software I only get 190mb read and 160mb write


far away from the 550mb read and 500mb write speeds from the manufacturer specs


By the way, I just can't update the firmware from 1.3 to 1.3.3 because the flash tool just doesn't recognize my drive...nothing is listed under the list




MOBO : Asus sabertooth latest bios version

CPU : i7 Bloomfield 960 3.2Ghz

SSD: Corsair Force 3 180Gb 1,3 firmware

Mem : ******** Viper II 1333 24Gb



updated marvell driver to 1.20 still 190mb read 180mb write

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Finally I ve been able to update the firmware using the flash tool


But i was able to do so only when I disconnected the SSD from the sata3 ports and reconnect it to a sata 2 port. This way the flash tool was able to find the SSD. It was never able to find the SSD while plugged into the SATA 3 port.



Updated from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 without problems, rebooted


(by the way, under boot device priority in the bios, when the ssd was pluged into sata 2 port, it was listed as : HDD Corsair Force 3 and when it is plugged into sata 3 ports it says under boot device priority : IDE Corsair Force 3) WTF does that mean and why is it still listed as IDE even if marvell controller and all others components run under AHCI standards???



Now I get these speeds see the benchmark picture


I guess the lack of speed now refers to the poor marvell controller on my mobo (asus sabertooth x58)


If only I knew the board wasn't even featuring a TRUE SATA 6gb, I would never had bought this sabertooth x58 SHAME ON ASUS for HIDDING the TRUTH!!! and Newegg also!!!!


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I also have Sabertooth x58 (with Corsair Force 3 GT) but my reading/writing speed way bellow than others.


my setup:

bios update: 1304 (latest from asus)

port: marvell 9128 (sata3)

ahci: on

SSD fw. 1.3.3 (updated from 1.3.2)

Secure erase: done

Marvell driver: (latest from marvell)


ssd6.png: made just after the SSD fw. update and Secure erase

ssd7.png: now, 5 days later


It seems the speed is dropping, the write speed now always under 150MB/s

Is there any other trick to improve performance?


I also have some lockup issues, but thats an another story...



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