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Help me decide K60 or K90


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Okay, i'm gonna go and pick one of these keyboards up Tomorrow and i can get either one for the same price.


But here's the thing, I mostly play fps games(90%) so i'd like to have the rubber domes, plus the extra height on the wristrest for the WASD keys is nice so it's more "level" (i tend to have my hand very flat when i game)


But the K90 have a full size wristrest which is a MUST HAVE when you sit in front of a computer for 6+hrs every evening and while typing, I also never use any of the macro keys but i like the size of the keyboard(some extra space on the left size is great to rest the pinky on while not pushing ctrl in games)


So now you heard my thoughts what would you do?

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I also considered both but decided for the K60.


I would choose the K90 if your asnswer to these 2 questions are YES;


1- Will you need and use the macro-keys?

2- Is lighted keys an absolute must?


Other than that it's basically the same keyboard except for the handwrest as far as i can see.


I don't need or use the macro-buttons but i really love backlit keys. i decided to try without backlight, i must admit i miss it but i am at the same time pleased by the space saved by not having additional macro-keys that i don't need.


The K60 (don't know about the K90 since i don't have it) is very adjustable on the desk with 2 jacks in the rear and 2 on the front. i use mine with the 2 in the back raised and without the handrest.

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So i just came home from the store.


I ended up buying the K60 cause that's the one i've been looking to get for a long long time.


I have to say the keyboard is really nice! the wristrest that comes with the K60 is GREAT especially for gaming since it got a little extra rise just where the wasd keys are. however i really feel the need for a full sized wristrest.. i've only written these sentences and a few others (been using the KB for 30min) and i can already feel my right wrist hurt a lot!


Corsair release a addon wristrest for the K60, can't stand this too long.

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