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ATTN: Corsair 400R Owners and XFX Psu Owners


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To all members of both Corsair 400r and XFX psu. I have found a serious fault because of the placement of the xfx warranty void if removed sticker. When the fan of the psu is facing down there are 2 rivets behind the rubber feet u lay the psu on that may cause the warranty sticker to get scratched right off the bat and you might get screwed when trying to rma it.



The spacing from the back of the pc to the rivets is .5 in and the screws to the end of the psu are .5 in causing it to scratch against this.



There are 2 options to file down the rivet like i did or drill it out.


My problem is now if a user of the xfx psu send the psu in for warranty and they deny it because of this now what.



Here are some pics of a psu i bought today and the rivets



!!! If you need pics corsair team i have them and will pm them appon request !!! they are to big to upload

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I have the 400R and my XFX 650 Pro PSU is mid shipment. Are you saying it doesn't fit properly, or that the warranty sticker is in a bad spot? If you secure the PSU properly there shouldn't be any friction causing the sticker to be rubbed off.
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