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System Lockup Force GT

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I keep experiencing random lock up since installing on my Force GT 120. The system ran fine before installing the Force GT120 to replace my parriot SSD 60gb I only replace it since it kept getting full. But I cant even get 3 days without the system fully locking up:mad:. When it lock up, everything freezes I don't even get a BSOD it just lock up everything I can't even move the mouse or use cap lock keys to show something running and when I reboot and check the event logs it show nothing. I tried AHCI driver from Microsoft and tryed using the ones for my chipset btw my chipset is a nforce 790 utlra. I have not clue on what to do on another side note when it does lock up if I try rebooting right after it will lock up again if I wait a few mins it works fine for another few hrs. Also wanted to point another thing out I do have the newest firmware on the drive 1.3.3 but I had to put it in another computer so the firmware utility would see it. Anyone have any ideas?


Btw I already ran memtest x86 and passed

Already have the newest firmware

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well I'm crashing in 30-40 min up time each time since switching the registry back to IDE, vs the 3 day up time I'm going to try a secure erase any idea on how I should re install? It seem every time I mess with this drive it gets worst I'm wondering if I'm hitting a bad block of data the making the drive lockup?


Just did a Secure Erase with Pmagic at first it didnt want to do the erase because it was saying drive was frozen with some security but lucky I thought about hot swaping the drive since I have in a hot swap slot and it rip off the frozen error and let me wipe it


Well just found out the only controller that does AHCI is my esata controller so I order a new PCI-E controller card should be here Wednesday we will see if this secure erase will work for a temporarily solution

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I have the nforce 790i ultra sli board and I'm getting random lockups also. the system will pause for about 30 seconds with the hard drive light lit up. This always happens during booting too, it takes my system about 2 minutes to boot up with this drive. I have to leave AHCI off also or it is even worse.
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I have the nforce 790i ultra sli board and I'm getting random lockups also. the system will pause for about 30 seconds with the hard drive light lit up. This always happens during booting too, it takes my system about 2 minutes to boot up with this drive. I have to leave AHCI off also or it is even worse.


I'm aware of the nforce 790 ultra lock up you can fix it using http://jerbecca.wordpress.com/tag/pc-hardware/


this is how you fix the Nforce locks up

Second step: Remove the updated NVIDIA nForce Storage Driver.


This was accomplished via six steps. If you’re following along at home, here’s what you do:


Download the latest NVIDIA nForce Drivers (or, if you want to roll back to a previous version, have it handy).

Download & install Driver Sweeper (you gotta do this first because after step 2, your internet won’t worky).

Uninstall everything that says ‘NVidia’ via the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs wizard. Don’t reboot until you’re all done installing them all.

Reboot the PC and go into Safe Mode (spam F8 as the system is starting to get the menu that lets you choose this).

Once in Safe Mode, log in as an Administrator-privileged account and run Driver Sweeper. Tell it to clean out anything from NVidia. Once it’s done, reboot.

When the reboot is complete, re-install the NVIDIA nForce Drivers, but don’t check the Storage Driver. This should get your network ports active & functional again



But again like my previous post I already rule out the controller it doing a full lock up like the drive got pulled from the system and the HDD light goes out and stays off. How I can tell at least when the nvidia controller errors up there logs in the event logs, and I still can move the mouse. When this happens I get a lock up up that I have not input at all no mouse or keyboard.

I believe it hitting bad memory in the SDD and locking up.

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Does Win7 install nvidia storage drivers itself during installation? When I installed the nvidia drivers I skipped the box for the storage driver. So in my case it was never installed, unless Win7 installs one by default during the initial installation.


To be honest I forget How I did the install but I believe I installed the nvidia drivers with the storage controller and remove it with the driver sweeper just so I remove all nvidia drivers I had to do a additional step after removing the nvidia driver which is going into the device manager and stopping the controller from setting sending resets to the drive. If you wait till Wednesday Ill document the exact way to fix the issue. Because I have to re install anyway.And also make a step by step way to fix it and probably post it on nvidia forums and here as well.

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I have the same problem (30 sec freeze) with an Intel ICH8ME controller, and I am highly doubting the problem comes from the controller.


What I quoted above is storage controller issue it a very well known issue with the nforce storage drivers. The Nvidia driver sends a reset to the storage device and it disconnect and reconnect basically with the controller. This happen with SSD drives and normal drive it a controller issue. Which is why im going to document the fix for it when I get my drive in later today so people know how to fix this issue.




Here what appears in the system event log


Log Name: System

Source: nvstor

Date: 12/21/2011 11:00:47 AM

Event ID: 129

Task Category: None

Level: Warning

Keywords: Classic

User: N/A

Computer: *****


Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort2, was issued.

Event Xml:

<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">


<Provider Name="nvstor" />

<EventID Qualifiers="32772">129</EventID>




<TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-12-21T16:00:47.729600000Z" />




<Security />






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Ok I got my new SSD in today


as for the fix for the nforce controller install the nforce drivers then restart once restarted and back into windows go to control panel > device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and right click Nvidia nforce serial ATA controller once in you should see 2 tabs with port numbers uncheck Enable command queuing for all controllers and ports then restart and remember to do this again if you change or add devices on the sata ports or move the sata cable around on the hard drive because it will become re enabled


here a guide to how to do it with images


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