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H100 fan control khacked out??....


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shut the comp down last eve, all good.


fired her up this AM, fans wacked out, speeding up and down all over the map.:eek:


nothing changed from yesterday to today.


open up the case and no settings lights on the H100, only the little body icon.reset the comp.:confused:




check BIOS setting, no changes, reset comp.:confused:




frustrated, disconnected all fans from H100 and then H100 from CPU_Fan header.:mad:


reconnected fans, to MOBO only, fired her back up, fans all running normal again.


checked CPU temp, looks good, low idle, ASUS fan Xpert, CPU = 24C and MOBO 24C.:biggrin:


H100 fan control khacked out??...:(:



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  • Corsair Employees

Try resetting the firmware and see it fixes the issue;



1. While the computer is running, hold down the profile button for approximately five seconds

2. Wait one minute, while the unit continues to run

3. Shut down your computer

4. Press and hold the profile button for five seconds while turning on the power to your computer.

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