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Yet another 600T case fan controller problem.


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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have 2 big problems: the 1st is that I'm Italian, but we can't do much about that; the 2nd and more important for the next 5 minutes being is related to a product with a Corsair logo on it.

As written on title, my fan controller stopped working all of a sudden some days ago so I used the link and requested an RMA.

After some mails with the Technical Support, in which they often said different or confusing things, including the advice to contact someone at Removed with my shipping details, now looks like they came up with another solution: "Based on the information you have provided, the best thing to do is send us your parts for replacement".

Now, am I supposed to destroy my pc, take the case back to his cardboard and ship it to US? Hope thats not the advice. Am I supposed to remove the fan knob and the controller or whatever resides beneath the plastic cover? Fine tell me how to do it without breaking everything then..


My Case #2419561

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I am sorry but normally they do not have you send the case then will just send the parts to you to fix the problem. Please contact our customer service directly was they do not monitor the forum there is little we can do except send them a message which I have done. You can get the number under contact on the main site.
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