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can´t get my sniper button to work! it works in the manage program under manage performance,when i press the sniper button it highlight´s the sniper button under the DPI section! But when i´m in a game,in my case BF3,i can´t get it to work! what am i doing wrong??

Love the mouse, but don´t like the program the come with the mouse,a little bit to hard to understand!!

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What the sniper button does is simply lower the DPI, you can't assign it as a dedicated button to f.ex. zoom or steady aim in BF3.


Simply use it in the game when you shoot from the hip or zoom and you will notice it slows the movement down.


You can fine-tune the function in the program by setting a value to how much you want it to lower the DPI under "manage Performance" - "Sniper"


Send me a PM if you want the info in swedish.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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