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New Corsair User Need Help With Force GT 120GB


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Hey guys i recently purchased my new force gt 120gb ssd from newegg for black Friday and got a pretty good deal. Overall I am extremely confused, as I have a intel 40gb sata 2 ssd that came with instructions and a cd and a references to an auto updating firmware.


I opened up my new corsair force gt ssd and to my avail there is no instructions or a cd of any kind or appear to be any type of software that may auto detect updates and firmware.


I am not the sharpest knife in the shed when it comes to pcs but I know how to hook it up and troubleshoot it, I was really hoping the drive would be self installing and maintenance free but that doesn't seem to be the case as I need to update to the most recent firmware?


I plan on leaving my OS on my 40gb ssd for the time being and using my force gt 120gb as a secondary drive for my games till I can afford another and redo my OS in raid 0. So do I just plug it in and power it on and update the firmware to 1.3.3 and I am ready to go?


Is there more to it then that? Sorry this came with no instructions...

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Got my new 120 gt from ncix and it came with firmware 1.3.3 You can check your firmware by going to my computer, right click your disk, choose properties, click the hardware tab, choose your disk from the list of drives, click the properties box on the bottom, click the details tab, choose the hardware id from the property drop down list. You should see your drive and the firmware version in the value box.
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