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bad module(s) or compatibility issue? CMX4GX3M2B1600C9 on Asus P5Q3


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I purchased 2 modules of 2GB CMX4GX3M2B1600C9 that was listed by Newegg as compatible with my motherboard, to add to the 2gb I had, with the intention of installing Windows 7. After installing both modules my system would randomly restart itself, usually about every 5 or 10 minutes. Additionally, I received a few BSODs that read IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with the following error codes: 0x0000000A (0xA937CFFC, 0x000000FF, 0x00000000, 0x80545B7F).


I powered down and removed one of the modules to test each separately. Running with both 1gb modules of the existing RAM plus the first of the two new ones ( let's say module A) results in the same random restarts and BSODs. Using 2x1gb + the other new modules (module B) resulted in a bootable system that did not restart/BSOD, however when running any video would cause the video player (or plugin, when running streaming video) to crash repeatedly.


I downloaded memtest86 and ran tests for the following combinations of memory:

1- All 4 modules : over 190 errors before completing test 7.

2- Existing 2x1gb + module B: multiple errors before test 5.

3- module A only: froze during test 5 on every attempt

4- module B only: multiple errors

5- Existing 2x1gb only: no errors through multiple passes.



I think module A (the restart/BSOD one) is shot and needs to be RMA'd. My concern, however, is with the second module- I don't know if the errors I'm receiving with this one could be due to compatibility issues with my Motherboard instead of a bad module. I don't want to RMA the set of 2 modules, only to have two new modules that, while not causing restarts or BSODs, still causes the other errors.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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