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0x000000F4 BSOD when accessing certain files (Force 3 240GB)


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Hey all, I am continuesly getting the 0x000000F4 BSOD when trying to read certain files (In this case some local data for GTA IV). CHKDSK finds no bad sectors, which is kind of what freaks me out. I know I'm not being extremely informative because frankly this whole issue is very confusing to me.


What I have tried:

1) Done CHKDSK several times, once repairing a few bad sectors, and everything else returning no problems at all.

2) Tried the drive in several PC's, BSOD's still appear as described


I have not tried reinstalling GTA IV, or Windows for that matter, as I am just slightly afraid that I will not be able to "provoke" the issue with the drive for a while, and end up having it fail on me at something really important.


Does anyone have the slightest idea as to what might be wrong? Should I reinstall Windows and just hope for the best? :/


Best Regards


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-Have you tried updating your SSD firmware?

-Have you checked for any new drivers/updates?

-Have you tried various ports?

-Have you tried various SATA cables?


- I have not tried updating my SSD's firmware, I will do that first thing in the morning.


- All drivers and OS is up to date


- I have tried various ports, various cables, various computers, the problem persists.

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Seems similar to what I have. I'm using Linux and first generation Force drive, though:




Does your drive also disappear from BIOS if you don't power off for a while?


The reason why chkdsk doesn't find anything is that it doesn't actually check the files, only the file system metadata. Try to use chkdsk /r (although in my case it just crashes the computer once it hits the faulty sector, and doesn't mark it as bad).


The 1.3.3 update supposedly should fix some BSOD-causing bugs.

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