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H100 no LED lights or fan power


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Hey all, I very recently built a new rig for the first time and the H100 refuses to light up or power the two fans connected to it.


I am using 4 Cougar Vortex fans on the radiator, but currently only two are connected directly to the H100. The two that are connected don't spin at all and I have tried two different connections from the PSU.


Everything else seems to boot up fine but am a little wary of leaving the computer on too long without any CPU cooler active. I am a bit unsure where to plug in the 3 pin connection that comes out from the H100.


I have these connections on my mobo: PWR_FAN1, PWR_FAN2, CPU_FAN, CPU_FAN_OPT, CHA_FAN1, and CHA_FAN2. I'm a little lost as to where to plug these in and the manual that comes with the H100 doesn't really say. Is this a defective unit or am I doing something wrong?


edit: forgot to mention that I am using an Asus P8Z68-V PRO mobo.

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