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M60 software buggy


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What does "Save to M60" button in "Manage Profiles" is supposed to do, exactly? Somehow save my profiles to mouse itself?


After clicking that button my M60 refuses to work on any computer that doesn't have Corsair app installed. While I wouldn't expect all the "extra" buttons (sniper, DPI change, fwd/back) to work, I would actually expect left/right click button to work :sigh!: Unfortunately they don't until I re-install software.


Is it possible somehow to restore mouse firmware to factory settings?


Other than that, a fantastic product.

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It is plugged in USB 2.0 port.


Tried removing click actions via Corsair utility for left/right buttons (so they don't do anything at all), then re-assigning them to proper clicks and then clicking "Save to M60" to no avail, still the same results.

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This is from engineering.


To reset mouse


To reset default settings you have to use another mouse to use the M60 UI: go to “Manage Profiles” select a virgin profile (no custom settings) and press “SaveTo” to have to the mouse.

To have a virgin profile either:

- In “Manage Profiles” right click profile name and select from right click pop-up menu Reset default values.

- In “Manage Profiles” create a new profile by pressing the New button.

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I got the same problem with my M90. After I saved a profile. I could not use the mouse without drivers. The left or right mouse button will not works. I have three computers i tried it on and it is the same on them. then I cannot get the macros to work in the games.
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I'm having the same issue as these guys. After setting up my game settings in "Profile 1", that worked in game without an issue. Then I realized that I should really put them in their own profile for each game. So I created a game profile, and did all of the settings again, after that, the settings no longer worked in game, and all mouse buttons result in a "Left Mouse Click". I did just have to restart because the mouse became unresponsive after the profile app loaded. Having no problems before using the Profile Application, I can only guess that that the Profile application is saving corrupted profile information to the mouse. Is there a fix for this? I tried deleting all profiles, clicking new in the "Manage Profile" screen, and then "Resetting to Default" the newly created "Profile 1". After saving just that single virgin profile to the mouse, still all mouse buttons only result in a "Left Mouse Click", even the DPI adjust settings, that no longer make any difference to the DPI of the mouse, and mouse wheel up, and mouse wheel down, all result in a Left Mouse Click. Your Profiler must be saving corrupted profiles to the mouse putting it in safe mode or something.


[Edit 1] After unchecking "Hardware Playback" the mouse started working again in it's normal state. But I have a feeling that if I transferred the mouse to another system that it would simply result in Left Mouse clicks everywhere. While that does not bother me, as this is only going to be on my primay system, I would imagine that's going to piss other people off that are using this mouse on more then one system. So it seems that the root cause of the problem in my case is the hardware playback option. But the underlying cause seems to be that the profile that was saved to the mouses memory as set all of the mouse buttons to report a left mouse click. A firmware update, and a software update is needed.


USB Mouse:
VID: 0x1B1C
PID: 0x1B30
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product: Corsair M60 Mouse
Firmware: 1.07
Windows: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit


[Edit 2] With the Hardware Playback option disabled, the profile does not work at all in game for me.

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I have an M60, is using the firmware you linked too OK?



Also, do you have the link for the M60 manual in PDF form?


Here's the M60 firmware flasher: http://www2.corsair.com/software/M60_90/M60110711v107.zip



You can read the M90 manual for the M60 as well. The only differences are less macro buttons, and the M60 can only store 1 profile on its memory.

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