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Hi all can anyone help ive sent a couple of emails cconcerning my 600t and a replacement front panel but as of yet heard nothing ?


The rma was sent end of last week and a couple of days ago and still no replie of any description .


Secondly ive bought a new 500r on the 30/11/2011 and it turned up this afternoon , now ive taken case out to check it and found the top mesh panel clip is broken .


Im beginging to get a little annoyed that my first emails are being ignorned and no i have sent another which i hope wont be .


Any help concerning this would be great .


to say im p""ed off would be a understatment , as ive spent a lot of money on corsair products psu , coolers cases etc and it seems im just not important enough to be worryed about .

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You would have needed to create a RMA request for each case and explain what is broken or damaged. If so please provide the case number and I can send them a message, or please contact our customer service directly the number is listed under contact on the main site.
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Hi thanks for the replies,


I have sent RMA requests for both cases but ive only sent the 500r one today or yesterday as it is now so im not expecting a anwser untill next week if any at all .


The cases are 600t front panel on button not working .


And carbine 500 r black top mesh panel broken retaining clip .


Im in the uk so maybe thats why ive not heard anything ?


Thanks again


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